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YCC – Young Citizens Conferences

MILSET Young Citizens Conferences (YCC) are dedicated to the views and concerns of youth regarding the social impact of science and technology on the modern world, gathering their voices from every part of the globe and encouraging them to actively enter the discussion.

The exponential growth of new technologies and scientific knowledge has generated new and exciting possibilities; however, this has also raised new ethical, social and ecological issues. We believe that the open-mindedness of young scientists combined with their sense of social responsibility can yield important contributions to the dialogue.

The primary goals of these conferences are achieved through a three-step methodology: Concerns, Discussion and Actions.

Throughout the year, local, regional and national youth STEAM organisations around the world are invited to organise YCCs on the topic to encourage youth to discuss their thoughts and propose suggestions based on their knowledge and experience. Conferences follow the three-step methodology: Concerns, Discussion and Actions.

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